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Quick hits: OSU vs. Texas

Posted by disappointmentzone on 10 September 2006

Losing Tarrel Brown killed the Texas secondary, which did not look good at all against the pass.

Anthony Gonzalez not only runs precise routes; not only is he large enough to cause smaller corners trouble and fast enough to cause larger safeties trouble; but he has great hands. This shouldn’t be overlooked.

If Ted Ginn Jr. is OSU’s version of Randy Mossinsanely fast and nimble; impossible to cover man-to-man without safety help—then Gonzalez is Chris Carterquietly spectacular; unassuming but reliable.

Alex Boone is not the ideal left tackle for Troy Smith. Boone is beat too easily with speed. He doesn’t drink beer anymore—or so I’ve read—but being sober has done nothing for his footwork.

Colt McCoy was utterly unimpressive. He had one great throw, two nice throws, and the rest were forgettable.

As unimpressive as Colt McCoy was, the Texas coaching staff was even worse.

With the exception of the roughing the passer call, the refs were excellent.

I thought Texas would score 33 points. For the life of me I can’t figure out how they scored seven. And when I think that they could have only scored three points my head hurts. They had 326 yards on offense.

Antonio Pittman needs to stop running into tacklers. I’m all for aggressive running, but there is a difference between lowering one’s shoulder instead of running out of bounds and just running into people. And the line between the two is not thin.

A.J. Trapasso will win OSU a game this season. If Texas made last night’s game much of a contest, there would have been an argument that Trapasso was the difference.

Troy Smith is staying in the pocket too long. It’s clear that the coaches have drilled into his head that he needs to make his progressions—first receiver, second receiver, third receiver—before he tucks the ball and runs. But he doesn’t tuck the ball and run. He’s hardly even moving outside of the pocket. He just sits there while Alex Boone holds the DE.

At some point the play calling in the running game will have to be as nuanced and varied as the play calling in the passing game. Jim Tressel: There is an area of the field outside of the tackles—I know you know it exists, because it’s the only place OSU had success in the running game against Texas. Run there.

And when you do, try running out of different formations. Early in the game on third and 16 you ran outside of the tackles from a tight formation for a 13-yard gain—good call. The next two times we saw that formation you ran the same play. Neither time were you nearly as successful. Spread the field and run the ball. It will work.

Turns out that the OSU defensive line—the only group of defensive players to have returning starters from last season—is absolutely horrid against the run. Get off of a block, defensive line players. Please.

Are you secretly hoping that Colt McCoy has an older sister and that James Laurinaitis is dating her? I am.

Are you also hoping that Laurinaitis learns to tackle? I am.

Play of the Game: Offense: Troy Smith sees Texas is crowding the box, leaving Ginn in man-to-man coverage, and checks out of the play. OSU scores the game-winning touchdown.

Player of the Game: Offense: Anthony Gonzalez.

Play of the Game: Defense: Texas is about to score until Laurinaitis causes a fumble, which Donald Washington returns to midfield. OSU scores a touchdown on the ensuing possession.

Player of the Game: Defense: Laurinaitis.

Player of the Game: Special Teams: A.J. Trapasso.


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