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The proof

Posted by disappointmentzone on 7 September 2006

The Disappointment Zone is hardly renown. Half the time I even forget its here. But every once and a while this site is noted by others, and at least twice the reason has been the title.

One time The Disappointment Zone was mentioned as an example of the “bitter, cynical individuals” that are Cleveland sports fans (not my words, that’s for sure). And recently The Disappointment Zone was mentioned as emblematic of how many Cleveland sports fans feel (this is much more appropriate). It should be noted that other blogs with similar titles, some of which can be found in the blogroll to the right, are cited in conjunction with the DZ.

Anyway. We have our reasons.

Here is a graph I took from the blog Urban Sports Suffering. I post it now in part as a justification for the title of The Disappointment Zone, although I really think the title of this blog needs to justification. Forthwith, then, Urban Sports Suffering: 1966-2006.

The methodology the author used to arrive at the data points for each locality is flawed, I think (although why it’s flawed is another discussion I care not to get into now; just know that on the blog the methodology is explained), but I won’t take up arms against the conclusion.

We all know that Cleveland sports fans have suffered. It takes no graph to see that Cleveland has gone the longest of the major sports markets without a championship. But scientifically-tinged visual representations are nice, too.

Of course, the true reason I posted this graph is to remind all those whinny bitches in/from Boston to shut the hell up.* It’s not only that the Red Sox won the World Series a few years ago, it’s the Patriots before that (and even now) and the Celtics before that and the Bruins before that. Enough already. Every time I hear you guys complain that Pedro left town to take more money or that the Yankees are bought your star center fielder my ears bleed and I want to remind you that the guy goofing off in left field was a Cleveland Indian before you bought him from us, you big hypocritical pricks.**

Boston, you’ve made suffering through the moans that seep out of New York the lesser evil, and that’s saying something.

*Please excuse my language.
**Seriously. This won’t keep happening. I promise.


4 Responses to “The proof”

  1. Tony said

    Ouch. That graph hurts. The only solace I can take is that I’m a Buckeye fan first, Cleveland fan second. Winning the National Championship is 2002 goes a long way in the “contentment” department.

  2. Indeed it does.

    I don’t see my interests in Cleveland sports and OSU as disparate (it’s all one big Ohio family, expect for those Cinci people; may as join their airport in Kentucky), and I’m not sure which group comes first, or if either comes first, but watching OSU beat Miami (and really, I couldn’t imagine a better team to beat than the 2001-02 Miami team) didn’t fill the void in my soul created by the Florida Marlins or Michael Jordan or John Elway. I’m not sure how I reconcile this fact, but it haunts me nonetheless.

  3. Mike said

    Science and evolution agree — God hates Cleveland sports!

  4. Jon said

    just read keiths blog, the interviews, and then that pompous prick texas’ fan blog. those who commented on BON are complete and utter morons.

    Buckeye fans may be guilty of believing NCAA football revolves around them too but these texas fans seem to not even realize that the NCAA consists of 113 Division 1 teams or somewhere around there.

    The more comments I subjected myself to the more I’m reminded of the miami game. everyone and their mother said we’d lose by halftime and that our defense couldnt match the speed of the “U”.

    buckeye nation took over that stadium and will invade austin all the same saturday night. one horn fan called us “the most obnoxious, arrogant, and rudest fans i’ve ever met” why did I take that as a compliment? haha

    without repeating everyone else..VY is no longer there – advantage: Buckeyes. kerr, freeman, and laurinaitus know how big this game is. they’re coming to play.

    I think I hate texas.

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