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More on power rankings

Posted by disappointmentzone on 6 September 2006

Two quick comments:

1) Stewart Mandel, the college football writer for, last night released his power rankings for the first week of the season. OSU is #1. ND is #2. Texas is #3. His top 10 teams didn’t change much from his preseason power rankings. (BTW: Here is a silly story that makes Mack Brown and Jim Tressel sound like high school sweethearts, only not really. Oh, and the USA Today coaches pull has absolutely no integrity. And if you read Malcolm Gladwell you know that he think the NCAA has no integrity, either. Not a good day for college sports.)

2) has power rankings for all 119 D1 schools. This is ludicrous. I feel bad for the team of lowly interns who had to compile this list. Seriously, what’s the difference between Utah State (0-1; 114) and North Texas (0-1; 110)? Does that difference matter to anyone? And how is Middle Tennessee State (1-0) ranked behind both of these teams (115)? Lowly interns, you have some explaining to do. The integrity of the college football power rankings is not to be trifled with. It’s the only piece of integrity NCAA D1 football has left (need I also mention the BCS?). I need to know, with a level of accuracy fit for NASA shuttle launches, the power rankings of teams #74-#98 in D1 college football. There can be no mistakes. This is serious stuff. Now get back to work.

2 Responses to “More on power rankings”

  1. Ben said

    I like how number 2 Texas beat up number 110 North Texas at home and moved up a spot. Nice.

    Not that I’m a Notre Dame fan, but they beat number 30 GT on the road and move down. Makes sense to me.

  2. The only poll I give any credence to is the AP.

    My biggest gripe with the BCS (as a poll, not as a practice) is that it takes into account polls that begin before the season starts. The BCS committee got it right when it decided to release the first poll a few weeks into the season. Why it allows one of the BCS’s inputs to follow different rules is stupid.

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