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OSU vs NIU recap

Posted by disappointmentzone on 4 September 2006

Well, I’ll say this much: Ohio State’s offense looked really good. In years past OSU has had the talent to have a productive offense but Tressel has always kept a firm grip on just how aggressive the team would be. Usually this has meant scaling down the offense to a level of production lower than what most OSU fans might have expected given the talent of the players. Field position and defense have been arguably far more important to OSU’s success under Tressel than offense. Given how successful Tressel has been, it’s been hard to argue with how aggressive (or not aggressive) he’s been on offense. This is just a roundabout way of saying that the offense not only looked good, but that the play calling in the first quartervery aggressive, if you ask memust have raised a few eyebrows among the OSU faithful (it certainly did for me) because it signaled the first time in his tenure at OSU that Tressel ever played this way in the first game of the season.

The natural question to ask, then, is why?

The defense. I know my prediction that Wolfe would have one reception of at least 20 yards and that would come off of a screen or dump pass was not very bold, but to watch it come true on the second (third?) play of the game was pretty telling. And then to watch it come true again and again and again…well, OSU has a lot to work on. The game was put away in the first quarter and five seconds, but the defense was very suspect thoughout the entire game–and the starters were out there for most of it. NIU scored 12 points–I thought they’d score 27–but had 324 yards on offense nonetheless. That’s usually enough to yield 21-30 points. Against a better team OSU could very well have allowed far more than 12 points. With Texas this week, that has to be a major concern.

Tressel has yet to guide OSU through an offensive shootout, but that’s what the team is facing this week. Should be interesting, to say the least.


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