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Cavs update 9/2

Posted by disappointmentzone on 2 September 2006

According to reports, free agent shooting guard David Wesley will sign a two-year contract with the Cavs should he pass a physical he took on Friday. The first year of his contract will be gauranteed. Wesley is 35 and had a terrible year last season, as I’ll explain in my analysis of the Cavs’ shooting guards (look for this on Monday).

My quick analysis: bad signing.

Though my ration of bad karma is certainly going to increase, I’m pulling for a bum knee.


2 Responses to “Cavs update 9/2”

  1. Erik said

    Wesley is 35, I’ll give you that. But considering only the first year of his contract is guaranteed, I think the Cavs could have done a lot worse. If you remember the forgettable signings of Bryant Stith and Lucious Harris from years past, Wesley should at least be better than that.

    Wesley’s stats were down last year across the board, but not so much that I’d say he had a “terrible” year. Last year, he averaged 9.9 points per game, shot 36.5 percent from beyond the arc, 80 percent from the free-throw line and played 33.4 minutes per game.

    His career averages: 12.9 PPG, 37 percent 3PG, 78 percent FT, 32.7 MPG. His overall field goal percentage actually went up last year from 2004-05, 40 percent to 39.

    His age probably means his stats will decline some percentage every year (his 3PG percentage has fallen each of the last three years), but again, his contract is very team-friendly. If only the contracts of Eric Snow and Donyell Marshall were the same way.

    If we were talking a Damon Jones player who piggybacked to notoriety on the shoulders of Shaq and can’t do much besides shoot, I too would ask what the point of the signing was. But Wesley is a battle-tested veteran who has made his own name and can put the ball on the floor. Even when his shots aren’t falling, there should hopefully be other ways he can contribute.

    I think, in terms of veteran presence, he should be able to do for the backcourt what Scot Pollard can do for the frontcourt.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I just posted, briefly, my thoughts on David West. His career numbers are nice–especially at two-years and only one for sure–and you are right that he’s not a Damon Jones-type player. But he’s not the piece that’ll solve the Cavs’ problems in the backcourt and if he takes time away from Gibson or Brown than he very well could do more harm than good.

    I probably shouldn’t have called it a terrible signing. It’s not. But it’s not a great signing, although it could work out to be an OK signing. I really hope it’s an OK signing.

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