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A reason to keep your transistor radio

Posted by disappointmentzone on 31 August 2006

In the age of iPods and digital media, the Cleveland Cavaliers are doing their part to ensure that relics of the past, such as the transistor radio, are kept not only in circulation, but also in use.

That’s right, Austin Carr will be the game analyst/color commentator/guy who won’t shut up/etc for 30 games this season in a new deal that gives FSN Ohio the broadcast rights to 70 Cavaliers games. Scott Williams will do the remaining 40 games. Detroit Joe Fred McLeod will be the play-by-play man for all the games.

Seriously, why do the Cavs employ Austin Carr? Can anyone stand to listen to him? Last season he was mostly relegated to the WUAB 43 telecasts, with Williams smoothly gritting his way through the FSN Ohio telecasts. That was fine. Most of the games were on FSN Ohio. Most of the games featured Scott Williams. But those WUAB games were a drag to listen to. However many games Austin Carr bumbled his way through last season, it was n+1 more than should have been allowed. I’ve already discussed Carr (a wee amount) before, so I’ll end my brief tirade right now.

Who should rejoicing in the wake of this idiotic news? WTAM 1100. For all that’s annoying about WTAM (I promise not to get all Roger Brown on you now, so I’ll just leave my comments at that) the guys who call Cleveland sports games are fantastic. For the Cavs games, that man is Joe Tait, who, I hope, sees a marked increase in listeners now that Austin Carr is the other option.

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Petrov joins Aston Villa

Posted by disappointmentzone on 31 August 2006

Soccer Spot provides all the coverage of the new Cleveland football team, Aston Villa. Before getting to his most recent article (below), I’d like to say that Euro2008, a huge competition among the many national teams in Europe, has started and, if you are unfamiliar with either Euro2008 or the teams, Soccer Spot is putting together a since set of previews as part of his all-encompassing coverage of the event. He’s also posting his predictions. Everything Euro2008 can be found HERE. Now back to the Villa.

Quick update to the Villa lineup:

In a move that should bring a measure of stability to a slightly sub-par midfield, Aston Villa has signed Stilian Petrov from Celtic for €9.6million/$12.3million (which could rise to €11.9million/$15.3million depending on appearances). Petrov is the Bulgarian international team captain. According to Petrov has been in the Scottish Premier League for seven years, making 224 appearances with 53 goals. He has also played for CSKA Sofia. Perhaps the most interesting part of this move is that for four of his seven years at Celtic, Petrov was coached by Martin O’Neill, the current Villa coach. Petrov will provide, at the very least, a little more depth to a midfield that really has no standouts. Petrov should be an immediate first-teamer alongside Gavin McCann, but with Jlloyd Samuel out injured there is a small gap in the defensive capabilities of the midfield that Petrov should more than adequately cover. It should be noted, however, that Samuel is a defender being used in a midfield holding role/5th defender, and so the tactical approach O’Neill takes from here on out could be somewhat different than in previous games as Petrov is an out-and-out midfielder. This should be — barring a miracle — the only major signing before today’s transfer deadline.

Also in Villa news, owner Randy Lerner is looking to create a £100million/$190million financial package which would include naming rights to the Villa Park stadium and other commerical interests, presumably high on the list being jersey rights.

Click HERE for complete Aston Villa schedule/results.

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