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8 is great

Posted by disappointmentzone on 25 August 2006

The Browns traded a 2007 seventh round draft pick yesterday to the Chicago Bears for eight-year veteran Lennie Friedman. Friedman is the eighth center to be on the Browns’ roster this preseason and, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, is expected to compete for the starting center job and could earn it by the opening game. I don’t know if this is a good sign or a bad sign. Friedman is the most experienced center on the team (who isn’t injured), having started 10 games at center in his career. This is most-definitely a bad sign. Ross Tucker, the current starting center, who was acquired from New England in a trade on August 8th, has four career starts at center. This is another bad sign. Tucker went undrafted out of Princeton in 2001 and has 24 career starts on the offensive line. Friedman graduated from Duke and has 35 career starts. When coupled with Tucker, Friedman should push the Browns over the edge and onto the short list of the smartest O-lines in professional football history. This is a good sign. But Friedman graduate from Duke. This is a bad sign. Duke is kind of like the Oberlin College of Division 1A football–good in the early 20th century; something less than good since. On’s list of worst football teams of all time, Oberlin is ranked 7th, Duke is ranked 8th. Here are two highlights from the readers’ responses to the list.

Oberlin, who’s first football coach was Heisman himself. Oberlin, who in their first season ever, went 7-0 and outscored opponents 262-30. Oberlin, the last Ohio team to ever beat Ohio State. Yes, for Oberlin to have fallen to the depth at which they are now truly makes them the worst team ever.
Matthew Stoecker
Bellevue, Wash.

I personally saw [Duke] get dismantled at College Park last year. Maryland was up 7-0 before we were done tailgaiting, and midway through the third quarter, the fans had already lost interest in the action on the field and just started doing the Tomahawk Chop (the Terps were playing FSU the next week). Bad.
Kevin Griener
Pasadena, Md.

In all fairness, Oberlin College football is on a slow rise to mediocre, a huge leap up from the worst football team of all time. Dukestill sucks. But that’s no reason to think that Friedman will suck. His sub-average eight-year career is enough to make one think he’ll suck at center all on his own.

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