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Belle in jail

Posted by disappointmentzone on 24 August 2006

Though his life has been on a fairly steady decline since his days as a Cleveland Indian (and, truth be told, his life never really reach any enviable heights), Joey Albert Belle may have reached a new low this afternoon when he was sentenced to three months in jail and five years supervised probation.

The reason he’s in jail?

Stalking his ex-girlfriend (a former escort). Belle was first arrested in February, but then was rearrested in May after he contacted his girlfriend despite the restraining order. But that’s not even the strangest part of the story. This all began in January when Belle’s girlfriend found on the ground near her car a Global Positioning Device that Belle had clandestinely installed on her car to track her.

Belle’s an ass.


One Response to “Belle in jail”

  1. Jon said

    how the mighty have fallen.

    I, like most indians fans didnt really care for what he did off the field and how he conducted himself but I had the chance to meet Mr. Belle

    I went to a game against the orioles in the old stadium sometime in 93 I believe. after the game my family and I were walking back to our car and out comes walking albert himself. stunned, we watch him walk by and ask for an autograph..he says he has to go to his car but he’ll be back…yea right huh?

    He did and from that point I actually thought he was a nice guy. then he went to chicago and did nothing but trash talk our team.

    anyway, just another sad story about a good athlete wasting his life.


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