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More reasons why the Browns won’t win six games this season

Posted by disappointmentzone on 23 August 2006

Willie McGinest is a pretty good linebacker, or so I’ve been told. He hasn’t actually played as a Cleveland Brown yet–he’s oldish and is taking it easy during the marathon of meaningless football games otherwise known as the NFL preseason–so I can’t confirm reports that speak to his talent, but I’m hopeful that all the money he could earn as a Cleveland Brown will be worth it (and the $6 million he’s already earned). If anything, he’s lasted longer than LeCharles Bentley (apparently there’s only room in Cleveland for one player with a LeName name; God works in mysterious ways, I guess, and is committed to letting everyone know the Chosen One tattoo on LeBron James’s sculpted body was not etched into his flesh by a sleazy tattoo artist in downtown Akron but rather was placed there through devine intervention when LeBron was still in the womb…or so I’ve been told by LeBron fanatics, who seem a trustworthy lot) which is nice.

But then I read this report on Deadspin about McGinest and his inability to think logically and now I’m kinda worried. I hope McGinest is a better football player than he is a thinker. If he isn’t, Browns fans have a lot to be worried about.


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