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The final word on Laura and AJ, maybe

Posted by disappointmentzone on 22 August 2006

In an interview posted on, Laura Quinn’s brother (his name’s Brady…I think he plays football) gives the final word on the shotgun wedding of AJ Hawk and his sister, Laura.

It wasn’t what everyone thinks (Internet sites have speculated the “shotgun” wedding was because Laura was pregnant). They have a ceremony planned for March that they originally planned on doing the whole time. They just wanted to get married in a registered court of law (so they could live together). Our family knew about it but not everyone else in the free world knew about it so once it happened it kind of got blown out of proportion. They’re obviously still going to have a ceremony and everything.

Pay no mind to those parentheses–??–and focus on the implication that in order to live together Laura and AJ had to get married. Yeah, that makes sense. That is unless Wisconsin has some laws I’ve never heard of and neither has anyone I know, which is possible; I’m no expert in Wisconsin laws. Maybe they had to get married so Laura could be covered on AJ’s health insurance…but nothing about about this sounds suspect. So ignore everything I’ve written about the circumstances of their shotgun wedding in a downtown law office in Green Bay, Wisconsin in the morning while AJ wore his workout gear. Laura Quinn’s brother has set the record straight.

Yes, I still have $10 on Laura being pregnant.

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