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Indians avoid another one-run loss

Posted by disappointmentzone on 17 August 2006

Entering the bottom of the eighth inning tied with one of the hottest teams in baseball, I’m sure Eric Wedge was concerned that 1) the Indians were going to lose, 2) the loss would be by one run, and 3) his less-than-stellar record over the last two seasons in one-run games would come to the fore. I’m fairly certain all of these thoughts crossed his mind, probably in order, sometime between when the Indians made the second out in the top of the eighth and when the Indians went back out onto the field in the bottom of the eighth. There was no way Wedge was going to allow the Indians to lose another game by one run.

Which is why Wedge trotted Fuasto Carmona back out to start the eighth even though Carmona had already pitched in the seventh and just over a week ago….well, bad things happened.

The result?

Five runs in the bottom of the eighth. Twins win 7-2. Another one-run loss avoided.

Good work, Wedge.


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