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Gooden resigns with Cavs

Posted by disappointmentzone on 14 August 2006

This afternoon the Cavs resigned Drew Gooden to a three-year, $23 million contract. This following a lengthy negotiation period between the Cavs and Gooden’s agent. I wouldn’t be surprised if this upcoming season the Cavs make a significant push to unload some of the contract-heavy players on the roster to clear room for next season’s free agent interest, Anderson Varejao. Eric Snow will be hard to move. Larry Hughes would be much easier. Damon Jones very well could leave. I expect the Cavs to hold on to Marshall and Ilgauskas (at least for the season).

Presumably signing Gooden means the Cavs will not be offering Reggie Evans a contract.


2 Responses to “Gooden resigns with Cavs”

  1. Dan said

    Noooooooooooooooooo….. I’m hoping this doesn’t mean a Wild Thing departure.

  2. I don’t think this signals the end of Varejao. My guess is that the contract is structured to be front-loaded since there is no team option of player option for an additional year. This would ease the hit the Cavs might take next offseason in signing Varejao and also would make Gooden more valuable as trade bait in the next few years since the Cavs would have paid him in the most expensive year(s) of the deal.

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