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The curse has wider grasp than originally thought

Posted by disappointmentzone on 13 August 2006

First it was center LeCharles Bentley. He suffered a season-ending injury during the first drill at the first practice of his first season as a Brown. Then Bob Hellen decided that he was hurt, flew to San Diego, and retired. And now Seth McKinney of the Miami Dolphins has fallen victim to the Curse of Art Modell (or whatever this thing is being called). From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

The Browns also thought they had a deal this week with Miami for backup center Seth McKinney, but he suffered a back injury Tuesday and underwent season-ending surgery on Thursday.

At this point I think it’s safe to say that every player who signs a contract from this point forward ought to have his agent negotiate in a clause that specifies that the player cannot be traded to the Browns or even be rumored to be traded to the Browns unless significant financial bonuses are rewarded to the player. Kind of like a reverse-injury clause. Who wouldn’t want this?


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