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A new team strategy

Posted by disappointmentzone on 11 August 2006

Five pitches into last night’s game Jason Michaels drilled a line drive right into Angels’ pitcher Ervin Santanta’s knee. Santana had to leave the game. So instead of facing one of the better young arms in AL the Indians played against the Angels’ bullpen for the rest of the night. Eric Wedge wouldn’t comment upon whether Michaels’s actions were intentional, but Michaels has a history and the Indians have exhausted ‘traditional’ strategies for winning ball games, so I’m of the mind that Michaels knew what he was doing. Worked out pretty well, too. 14 runs, 17 hits, seven extra-base hits, Hafner’s new career-high 34th homer and Ryan Garko’s career first. Shin-Soo Choo continued to prove that all he knows how to do is have three-hit games, going 3-5 with three runs batted in, his second three-hit game in as many nights. And Cliff Lee pitched well, picking up his first victory in nearly a month. Good times.


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