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More bluster swept away from the Q

Posted by disappointmentzone on 7 August 2006

Ronnie Duncan has been fired as the Cavs’ PA announcer, the Plain Dealer is reporting. Duncan only had the job for one season. Since the first game of the season there seemed to be a fair amount of fury directed at his bombastic, though oftentimes error-prone, approach to the job. When he first said, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow,” after Eric Snow scored in a game in early December I had a nice laugh. It brought levity to the moment–this is a game, after all–and was seasonally appropriate. But his gross pronunciation of “Damon Jones” drove me insane. If firing Duncan means I never have to hear “Damon Jones” pronounced the same way again then it’s OK by me.


One Response to “More bluster swept away from the Q”

  1. duncan was a hip hop baffon sitting way down low in his perch and dragging out every freaking name ad nauseum… give me that 11 yr old kid from Utah or wherever it was…

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