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Someone help those poor 11 men

Posted by disappointmentzone on 6 August 2006

Stranding 11 men on base is significant only in context. On July 4th, when the Indians beat the Yankess 19-1, the Indians hitters stranded nine Indians base runners. Stranding nine men isn’t a lot when you score 19 runs. But when you score zero runs, as the Indians did this afternoon against the upstart Tigers, 11 stranded runners can often have a huge impact on the outcome of the game.

The defense played just well enough not to win, allowing only one run, but it was unearned. But the defense doesn’t deserve the fault for the game. Five different Indians batters came to the plate this afternoon with at least one runner in scoring position and two outs and all five failed to get a hit. Travis Hafner struck out with the bases loaded, swinging at two pitches that were a combined thirteen feet outside of the strike zone. Shin-Soo Choo performed admirably at the plate, going 2-4, but stranded two men. He was picked off trying to steal second base in the top of the eighth, which hurt the Indians, but not really; they didn’t lose the game because Choo was picked off. If anything, had he made it the Indians would have likely stranded 12 runners instead of 11. Inglett’s fall from grace continued. He went 0-3, dropping his batting average below .300 for the first time since July 21st. Across the board the Indians looked uninspired, the wear of the recent road trip hanging heavily. The Indians have lost three straight, but will not lose tomorrow. Saved by the off day.


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