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And now entering from the bullpen, Fuasto Carmona

Posted by disappointmentzone on 6 August 2006

There is nothing subtle about a walk-off home run. Ask Fausto Carmona. He knows. After last night’s game he is now 3-3 in blown save opportunities, and has turned all three blown saves into losses, all of them on walk-off hits, two of them on walk-off homers. And all in just five days. In his last 2.2 innings he’s given up 11 runs. Lovely. That sound you hear is the death rattle of the Carmona For Closer campaign. He’s done.

The Indians lose, 4-3.

Standing alone among the rubble of the collapsed bullpen is Jason Davis, who just isn’t giving up runs anymore. Davis has always done well when he’s entered games without runners already on base. His downfall has been allowing inherited runners to score or faltering when the team allows runners to get on base via error. So much for that. Last night Davis entered the game in the seventh with runners on base after relieving starter Paul Byrd and didn’t give up an earned run, and then managed to nagivate his way through a Casey Blake error in the bottom of the eight. Impressive.
Oh, and Casey Blake hurt his ankle in the top of the ninth after rolling it on second base. So not only do the Indians lose but the Indians lose Blake, at least for tomorrow’s game, if not to the disabled list. Depending on how fast Ryan Garko can run from Buffalo (or wherever the Bison are playing) we may see him tomorrow in Detroit, although he probably won’t start with LHP Wilfredo Ledezma on the mound for the Tigers. This means Choo will likely start in LF and get another taste of big league left-handed pitching.

UPDATE: Choo is starting in LF and batting sixth.


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