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OSU #1; good for OSU, bad for college football

Posted by disappointmentzone on 4 August 2006

The Ohio State Football Buckeyes have been ranked preseason #1 by a bunch of junior assistant defensive line coaches, otherwise known as the USA Today College Football Coaches Poll. This is great news for OSU supporters since it is much easier to finish the season ranked in the top two if you start there rather than starting ranked low and climbing to the top (see: Auburn). Preseason polls are not bad for college football per se, but as long as the BCS formula averages in the rankings of polls that start before the game do, those teams at the top will have an unfair advantage. And given the dearth of returning starters on defense, OSU can use all the help it can get.

Texas is ranked second, although shouldn’t be, and will host the Buckeyes on September 9th at 8pm, a fortunate change of time from the previously-scheduled noon start given how damn hot it is in Texas under the midday sun. If you’ve followed The Disappointment Zone for a while you know that as an OSU fan I’m much more concerned about the Iowa game–at Iowa on 9/30–than the Texas game. The rankings of these respective teams don’t mean much when it comes to the likelihood of OSU losing to one of them.

Of course, these rankings do a fairly good job undermining their meaningfulness all by themselves. Oklahoma–a team without a quarterback–is ranked fifth. Notre Dame, the college football version of the Phoenix Suns, is ranked third, tied with USC. The only ranking I like is West Virginia at number seven. West Virginia will finish the season as the first or second best team in the country. OSU is the only Big Ten team in the top 10. Michigan is 15, Iowa 17, and Penn State 19.

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