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Worst bullpen in league actually sinks father down

Posted by disappointmentzone on 3 August 2006

If you don’t know what happened in last night’s Indians-Sox game then don’t read any futher.

But for those who watched it or listened to it or read about it in the paper this morning…

That may very well have been Fausto Carmona’s Rick Ankiel moment. Carmona strikes out the first two batters. Then hits the next two batters (Mirabelli, Gonzalez), almost hits the third batter–Kevin Youkilis–in the head on ball four, almost hits the fourth batter–Mark Loretta–before Loretta cranks a double that would, without the Green Monster, be a grand slam in most stadiums.

So in his last three appearances Carmona has 1) given up four runs in a tied game, 2) given up a walkoff three-run homer to David Ortiz, and 3) completely collapsed on the mound.

Last night’s performance would only be more damaging would be if it were the playoffs (Ankiel’s meltdown was in game one of the NLDS) or a meaningful game with playoff implications.

And one of the primary reasons an August game against the Red Sox doesn’t have playoff implications for the Indians is because the bullpen is horrid.


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