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Wedge listens, Indians score

Posted by disappointmentzone on 3 August 2006

If you would have looked at the Indians starting lineup before the game against Boston on Thursday night you probably wouldn’t have thought much of it. Boone got the start at third base, Hollandsworth got the start in left field, Choo the start in right, Inglett at second base, Luna at short. Not exactly the 1939 Yankees.

But had you looked a bit closer–looked beyond the names and to the order in which they appeared–an interesting pattern would have emerged.

Sizemore–left handed
Inglett–left handed
Hafner–left handed
Martinez–switch hitter
Blake–right handed
Hollandsworth–left handed
Choo–left handed
Luna–right handed
Boone–right handed.

And if you had looked a bit deeper into the splits of these players an even more telling patter would have emerged.

Sizemore–hits RHP best
Inglett–hits RHP best
Hafner–hits RHP well
Martinez–hits RHP well
Blake–hits RHP best
Hollandsworth–hits RHP best
Choo–hits RHP best
Luna–hits LHP best
Boone–hits LHP best

John Beckett, RHP, started for Boston. His line? 6 IP, 11 hits, 7 R, 7 ER, 3 K, 3 HR.

All the damage–six of the seven runs–came in the sixth inning when, after Sizemore grounded out to start the inning, seven consecutive batters reached base with a hit, including a two-run homer from Hafner and a grand slam from Choo. All told the Indians had 12 hits and two walks. This includes Sizemore, who’s hitting .350/.434/.611 against RHP this season, going 0-5. Everyone else had at least one hit, including Inglett and Blake, who each had two hits, and Hafner, who went 3-3 with a walk. The Indians loaded the bases again in the seventh inning but failed to score when Blake grounded into a double play. And who were the men on base? Inglett, Hafner, and Martinez, who all reached base safely after Sizemore led off the inning recording an out.

The Disappointment Zone has seen a seven-fold increase in daily visitor traffic over the last two weeks, but even with that level of modest popularity I never would have thought that Eric Wedge would have not only visited the site, but would have also considered and then implimented my suggestion to platoon the lineup. Good work, Mr. Wedge.

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