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Cavs rumor update 8/2

Posted by disappointmentzone on 2 August 2006

According to a report in the Akron Beacon Journal, the Cavsmet Tuesday with free-agent forward Reggie Evans at an undisclosed location outside of Cleveland”. The Reggie Evans Sweepstakes has come down to two teams: The Nuggets and Cavs. To sign Evans both teams would have to dip into their $5.2 million mid-level exception money, but since the Nuggets are only $3 million under the luxury tax line–and unwilling to cross it–the Cavs are able to offer Evans more money. The Sweepstakes will come down to whether Evans is willing to take a hometown discount to stay in Denver.

The Willoughby News-Herald reports that movement on either the Evans signing or Gooden resigning could happen as soon as today. According to the article:

Sources say something major is going down with the Cavaliers today.

Since there have been no reports that the Gooden conversations have yielding anything in the last two weeks, it’s probably safe to assume that, should this bold claim turn out, Evans signing with the Cavs would be the major something.


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