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Players who won’t be Cavs next season

Posted by disappointmentzone on 1 August 2006

As was reported on this site late last week, free agent Devean George was offered a contract by the Dallas Mavericks but didn’t sign it because he was still looking at other offers. Specifically, the Cavs were interested in George (and so were the Suns). Well, George has agreed to sign a two-year $4.2 million contract with the Mavs.

Meanwhile, another free agent the Cavs are targetingReggie Evanswants to stay in Denver but may not because to sign Evans to much more than a $2 million contract would require going over the luxury tax line, something the Nuggets seem reluctant to do.

If the Cavs don’t sign Gooden–and there is no movement in the negotiations as far as I can tell–Evans is the next best option. If Evans stays in Denver…well, let’s hope the Cavs resign Gooden and, if that doesn’t work out, that Evans follows the money.

In other news, former Cavs benchwarmer Jeri Welsch is (finally) out of the NBA. He’s signed with Spanish team Unicaja. That was a traded first-round draft pick well spent.


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