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Players who won’t be Indians next season

Posted by disappointmentzone on 31 July 2006

Sooner or later the Indians front office is going to deal with the 1B situation. In the minors is Ryan Garko, in the majors are Blake and Martinez, who only a few weeks ago was a full time catcher. Garko may not be ready to start at 1B next season, Blake is most valuable to the team as a super utility man (RF, LF, 3B, 1B), and making Martinez a 1B is a risky move given his value as a catcher. This leaves the Indians with making a trade now (highly unlikely) or waiting until this offseason. It should be noted, then, that Sean Casey has been traded to the Tigers. Casey is an above-average fielder with a decent bat. He doesn’t hit for power, though, which is what teams usually want from a 1B. Casey is also old and headed for a lucrative contract this offseason from the first team to over-pay him.

Which won’t be the Indians, fortunately. If there is one good thing to come from Dolan’s tight pockets and Shapiro’s shrewed maneuvering it’s that the Indians don’t sign older, over-priced free agents. Casey just became a little less available. And that’s good for the Indians.


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