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Belliard for Hector Luna

Posted by disappointmentzone on 30 July 2006

Ronnie Belliard has been traded to the St. Louis Cardinals for former Indian Hector Luna. The trade won’t be official until after the Cardinals-Cubs game. According to Mike Catan, reporter for WKNR, Ronnie Belliard, after hearing he was traded, blurted out an unrepeatable profanity and seemed upset. He then said his goodbyes to everyone in the clubhouse.

Hector Luna has been the Cardinals’ Joe Inglett. He’s started 40 games at 2B, 14 at SS, and another 17 in LF. He Joe could very well mesh as an interesting platoon at 2B. Luna bats right-handed and Inglett bats left-handed. Against right-handed pitchers Luna is hitting .310/.355/.431. On the season he’s batting .291/.355/.417. Luna has actually been a Cleveland Indian twice before.

After this season Belliard is a free agent, which means that there is a chance he’ll be back in Cleveland, although the fact that he was traded doesn’t bode well for the prospects of this happening. Belliard projects to be worth about $12-15 million over three years, although he could very well make more than that with the weak corps of free agent 2B.

UPDATE: Here is the story from


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