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Belliard close to becoming a Cardinal?

Posted by disappointmentzone on 30 July 2006

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about the St. Louis Cardinals being very interested in 2B Ronnie Belliard, today is reporting that the Cardinals are close to acquiring Belliard. The full report is available only to ESPN Insiders, which I am not. UPDATE: Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal is now reporting that if Belliard makes it through the game today without hurting himself he will be traded to St. Louis. Rosenthal also mentions that Mota could be involved in the trade as well. I have no idea who St. Louis might send in return for Belliard and Mota. Neither does Rosenthal.

I said yesterday that if Belliard were to go to St. Louis I would expect the Indians to be players in other trades since they would need to acquire a 2B. But Joe Inglett keeps playing and now I think there is a fair chance that the Indians might sit tight and not make any other trades and instead wait until the offseason to sign a free agent 2B, starting Inglett at 2B for the remainder of the season. But waiting until the offseason free agent shakes itself out seems like a potentially risky move with such a lack of quality 2B on the market. If the Indians trade Belliard it means that Shapiro doesn’t think Belliard will sign with the Indians in the offseason and that Shapiro wants to get value for Belliard while he is still under contract. If the Indians trade Belliard it is still possible for them to sign him this offseason. Trading him now could turn out to be more like renting him to St. Louis, assuming Belliard choses to (re)sign with the Indians once the season is over. If Belliard is traded the ideal scenario is that he’s somehow replaced by a young, MLB-ready 2B. The Cardinals have no such player in their organization.


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