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Cavs trade rumor roundup 7/29

Posted by disappointmentzone on 29 July 2006

The stalled contract negotiations with restricted free agent Drew Gooden have the Cavs’ front office in a bit of a tizzy. Gooden and his agent originally sought a large contract in the area of what Denver gave Nene ($60 over six years). The Cavs said no. Then they wanted a sign-and-trade. But it seems no other team wants to pay Gooden the sort of money he’s demanding. While there has been no movement on the Gooden deal, the Cavs have started to look at other players in case Gooden ends up elsewhere next season. From the Akron Beacon Journal:

Cavs are hoping to schedule a meeting with free agent forward Reggie Evans next week and might also look to pursue another free agent big man, Lorenzen Wright.

Evans rebounds very well, but he isn’t much of a scoring threat. He started last season in Seattle before heading to Denver and “insiders have indicated the Nuggets believe they will be able to re-sign him.” Evans in an unrestricted free agent. Wright is a lesser option and he’s unhappy in Memphis and might be willing to take a smaller contract just to get out of there. The best quality of both players is that they won’t cost as much as Gooden–which is important because LBJ‘s new contract kicks in next season and Anderson Varejao will be a free agent after this year–but Gooden is the best player of the three.


2 Responses to “Cavs trade rumor roundup 7/29”

  1. victoria said

    I never respond to blogs,or any websites until I ran across yours. I fill this is the best sports website ever.keep up the great work by being knowledgeable and honest. This is just what I need to keep me sane., It is not easy being a sports fan in cleveland ohio.

  2. Thanks for you comments! I’m glad you enjoy the site. If I can provide a little respite from the doldrums of Cleveland sports then I feel I’ve done my job.

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