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A little funk

Posted by disappointmentzone on 29 July 2006

Another game, another run, another loss. For the third consecutive game the Indians managed to score only one run. Jason Michael’s RBI double in the third ended a team 0-19 hitless streak with runners in scoring position, but the Indians still stranded five runners on base, bringing their three game total to 22 stranded baserunners. Travis Hafner is now batting around .200 since being moved into the three hole and in the last ll games has witnessed his batting average drop from .320 to .297. The team is in an offensive slump, needless to say.

The silver lining tonight was the great defensive plays made by Grady Sizemore and Jason Michaels and the pitching of Jake Westbrook, who went eight innings and only allowed two runs. In the ninth innings Broussard had a little revenge when he hit a homer off of Sikorski. It was Sikorski’s second run allowed in relief this season as an Indian.

Now it’s time for a little fun with numbers.

40 times this season–tonight included–the Indians have allowed three or fewer runs. In those 40 games the Indians have scored an average of 6.025 runs per game, or 241 runs. In 10 of those 40 games the Indians have scored at least 10 runs. Twice they have scored 14 runs; twice 15 runs; thrice 11 runs; twice 10 runs; and once 19 runs. If you remove those 10 games from the sample the Indians average only 3.7 runs per game.

In nine of those 40 games the Indians have failed to score more than two runs. Three of those times the Indians have been shut out.

The Indians have scored a lot of runs this season–555. But a lot of those runs–130–have been in blowout victories. The close games are another story. I’m sure you remember how often the Indians lost one-run games last season, and how the front office spent all offseason figuring out how to avoid losing so many close games. Well, few weeks ago I did a quick analysis of the Indians’ wins and loses and margins of defeat and victory this season. What I found was that this season the Indians were still 1) playing in a lot of one-run games and 2) losing a lot of one-run games. The 1-0 victory over Seattle was the rare game in which the Indians pitching staff did well, the offense did poorly, and the Indians won.

And you thought the game was noteworthy because Sowers pitched his second consecutive complete game shutout and Shin-Soo Choo hit his first MLB home run.


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