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Texas very interested in Westbrook

Posted by disappointmentzone on 27 July 2006

According to an article in today’s Dallas Morning News the Texas Rangers remain very interested in Jake Westbrook. In the last 12 games Rangers pitchers have seven times failed to make it through five innings and their record since the break is now a lowly 6-8, dropping them to third in the AL West. But third in the AL West is a close second in any other division. The two teams ahead of Texas, the Angels and A’s, are both tied for the division lead, while Texas is only 1.5 games back. Picking up a strong arm could very easily give the advantage to the Rangers, especially if the A’s are looking to deal Zito and Harden remains on the DL and if the Angels can’t acquire the bat they need. But watch out for Seattle and the DH platoon of Benuardo.

Anyway, without many decent pitchers on the market right now, Cleveland has high leverage for any trade negotiations. From the Morning News article:

If Cleveland, which has traded away two veterans in the last week, were to make right-hander Jake Westbrook available, the Rangers would likely be more willing to pay a higher price in terms of prospects for him than for those other pitchers. 

Irrespective of what you think about Maxamilliano Ramirez as a player, he has a fantastic name. This much cannot be denied. Shapiro has done well this year trading for prospects that have absolutely great names and unfortunately for Indians fans the Rangers are thin in that department. Entering this season two of their top pitching prospects were John Danks and Thomas Diamond. Good names for porn, not for baseball, and certainly not in the class of a Maxamilliano. In all fairness, though, Maxamilliano has set a high bar with respect to names. But Shin-Soo Choo clears that bar with room to spare. Danks and Diamond don’t.

Oh, and Albert Bell is a stalker. Whatever you do, call him Joey.


2 Responses to “Texas very interested in Westbrook”

  1. Anonymous said

    Dude…how could you say someone with the last name “Diamond” doesn’t have a good name for baseball. Staggering.

  2. I stand corrected.

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