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Indians avoid collapse, actually win

Posted by disappointmentzone on 26 July 2006

Strange game last night. Casey Blake hit an inside the park home run. With Victor Martinez on second in the eighth, Blake drove a ball to deep center field. Detroit CF Curtis Granderson attempted to catch it, but instead violently collided with the wall, thus allowing the ball to carom back into center field. The play wasn’t even close. Blake actually scored standing–I’m not sure if this makes the homer more impressive or less. Either way, inside the park home runs are the most exciting play in baseball. If you want a nice history of the inside the park home run, check out my friends Vinny and the Hornless Rhino. Moving on…

Detroit’s starting pitcher, Kenny Rogers, entered last night’s game with an 11-3 record and an ERA of 3.97. After 2/3 innings, he left the game with an ERA of 4.45–which is incredible this late in the season–and eventually picked up loss number four as well. Not that Detroit didn’t make it interesting. Or, perhaps, not that the Indians didn’t allow the game to get close. Paul Byrd went just three innings, giving up 10 hits and seven runs (for a .43 jump in ERA) and allowed the Tigers to pull within one run. Fortunately, the Indians held on (when was the last time that happened?). Jason Davis went three innings and only allowed two hits. Fausto was Fausto. And newly-acquired RP Brian Sikorski, who has looked to be by far the best RP in the bullpen, gave up one hit in two innings. So far this season (for the Indians) in 5.1 innings Sikorski has given up two hits, one run, two walks, and has struck out nine. He has yet to strike out fewer than two batters in any apperance. He also has a funny leg-hitch in his delivery, in case you missed the announcers talking about that during the game.


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