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Bob Feller: officially (almost) a hero

Posted by disappointmentzone on 26 July 2006

House Concurrent Resolution 449 has been introduced to Congress by a bunch of Ohio representatives (Kucinich, Brown, Latham, etc.) to commemorate the 1946 season of Indians pitcher Bob Feller, the year he returned from military service.

A concurrent resolution is legislative measure generally used to express opinions shared by both houses and it does not have the force of law, nor is it subject to approval by the president. So there is no government-recognized Bob Feller Day…yet. But that Kucinich is fiesty, so you never know. If anything, this is the first step.

Feller threw his opening day no-hitter on April 16th, 1940. April 16th is as good of day as any to commemorate Feller with a national holiday. Of course, he’d have to share the date with Queen Margrethe of Denmark, whose birthday–April 16th, 1940–is observed as a holiday in Greenland by its 56,000+ citizens. Feller and Margrethe, a numerological match made in heaven.

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