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Are you ready for some football?

Posted by disappointmentzone on 26 July 2006

The unofficial start of the professional football season begins today in Northeast Ohio as the Browns start training camp in Berea. The first practice is today from 3:30-5:30 and it’s free and open to the public. For a complete schedule click here. There are a few guidelines on what to bring and what to leave home. The Browns would like you to know that “smoking is not permitted inside the Cleveland Browns Training and Administrative Facility or on the practice fields.” And you cannot bring your weapons or alcoholic beverages or animals or noisemakers or aerosol cans. I know, I know, I know. Just leave them in the car.

I’m going to begin working on a Browns preview, but I’m going to wait until the roster is a bit more solidified before I publish anything of substance (assuming I capable of such a feat). You probably already know who the likely starters are–I don’t need to tell you that–and if you don’t there are countless other previews available (I linked to the Athlon preview in an earlier post) that will adequately inform you on who’s the starting quaterback, etc. These previews are fine for learning about the Browns, but are useless for getting to know the Browns, if you can follow my italics-based drift. So I’ll probably focus more on the players who are slightly lesser known or who have unusual backstories. For those dying for something more concrete, writer Jeffri Chadiha has given the Browns an “A” for the offseason. The only failure was that “they didn’t find an experienced veteran to back up quarterback Charlie Frye.” Oh, well.

Enjoy practice!

UPDATE: A better guide/schedule for training camp can be had here.


One Response to “Are you ready for some football?”

  1. well it took all of one day for the Browns latest greatest free agent to F’ up his leg… Go Browns…

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