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AJ Hawk: Moral man, fashionista

Posted by disappointmentzone on 26 July 2006

The Dayton Daily news filed a full report on the AJ Hawk-Laura Quinn quicky wedding (see below for details). Why did the two suddenly decide to wed now? AJ wanted to be living as a man, said his father, Keith:

“He didn’t want to be living together as boyfriend and girlfriend,” said Keith Hawk, the player’s father. “He wanted to be living together as man and wife. He’s old-school in everything he does, including this.”

I guess the whole “shotgun wedding eight months before the scheduled wedding” is just a timely coincidence that makes it easy to assume that Laura Quinn is expectinga wonderful life together with AJ.

Although no family members were present at the downtown Greenbay, Wisconsin, law firm where the civil service took place, Hawk kept appearances by dressing “in his customary Under Armour workout gear for the vows.” Classic.


2 Responses to “AJ Hawk: Moral man, fashionista”

  1. […] The story earlier this week that Hawk and Laura Quinn got married in a civil ceremony in Green Bay set off a fair amount of speculation as to the motivation, with some bloggers jumping to conclusions (a logical one, I’ll admit). Later, though, the Dayton Daily News ran an article quoting Hawk’s dad as saying the Ohio State standout just wanted to be legal and all before he and his sweetheart started living together in Green Bay. It seems he’s old school traditional in that way. Now I’ve never met the guy so I really have no reason not to believe that, however, I do tend to think that there was some financial motivation (as speculated at Deadspin) behind the hastily arranged marriage, probably involving insurance, benefits and such that he wanted to get squared away before signing a contract. […]

  2. […] Pay no mind to those parentheses–??–and focus on the implication that in order to live together Laura and AJ had to get married. Yeah, that makes sense. That is unless Wisconsin has some laws I’ve never heard of and neither has anyone I know, which is possible; I’m no expert in Wisconsin laws. Maybe they had to get married so Laura could be covered on AJ’s health insurance…but nothing about about this sounds suspect. So ignore everything I’ve written about the circumstances of their shotgun wedding in a downtown law office in Green Bay, Wisconsin in the morning while AJ wore his workout gear. Laura Quinn’s brother has set the record straight. […]

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