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Meet Shannon Brown

Posted by disappointmentzone on 25 July 2006

A lot of the traffic to this site comes from people searching for information on Shannon Brown, 25th draft pick of the Cleveland Cavs. So here is a quick rundown on Shannon Brown for those who want to better know the new player.

Name: Shannon Brown

College: Michigan State

Position: SG/PG

Height/Weight: 6-4, 205

Hometown: Maywood, Ill.

His Wikipedia Page: Here

Contract Status: $1.68 for two years with team options for third and fourth years.

What Experts Like: Shannon Brown is an “explosive athlete” who is “solidly built,” “which helps him make up for his relative lack of height.” He also has “huge hands,” “a very good mid-range game,” and “ability to get into the lane and create for himself and teammates whenever he wants to.” He is “an outstanding leaper and dunker” and finished second in the McDonalds All-American Dunk Contest. Brown “is a very physical player”

What Experts Don’t Like: “Sometimes his aggressiveness costs him on the offensive end.” He is also small for a SG but doesn’t possess the skill of a PG and needs “to improve his long-range shooting.”

What I Think: Do a search for “Shannon Brown” on this site and you’ll find my thoughts.


One Response to “Meet Shannon Brown”

  1. can you say Dujuan Wagner? hmm… hope it’s not deja vu…

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