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Meet the new Browns

Posted by disappointmentzone on 22 July 2006

A few days ago the Browns inked sixth round draft pick Babatunde Oshinowo to a four year deal, the terms of which were not disclosed (they also signed DeMario Minter to a four year contract). With training camp starting this week it might be worth getting better aquianted with some of the new players, if only so you don’t sound like an ass when asking for their autographs. So what do YOU know about Mr. Oshinowo? Probably very little. Here are a few quick facts to get you started.

Name: Babatunde Oshinowo

Full name: Babatunde Oluwasegun Temitope Oluwakorede Adisa Oshinowo Jr.

You Can Call Him: Baba

Best Thing About His Name: That he’s a junior, meaning there is another Babatunde Oluwasegun Temitope Oluwakorede Adisa Oshinowo. You can’t have too much of a good thing.

College: Stanford University

Position: DT

Interesting Fact: Baba would be a tribal chief if his family still lived in its native Nigeria.

Not Only Can He Beat You Up, But: He’s smarter than you are, having earned a BA and MA in elecrical engineering. Said the editor at Football Outsiders: “From an intelligence and personality standpoint, I thought Oshinowo was the most impressive interview I sat in on when Michael David Smith and I were at the combine in Indy.” So he’s very, very smart. Did I mention he went to Stanford?

Reason To Think You Might Still Have A Chance In A Fight: He was a Jazz Band Section leader (trombone) and Wind Symphony Orchestra section leader (baritone) in high school. According to his Stanford player bio his most prized possession is his computer. Did I mention he went to Stanford?

Possible Banter Fodder: Ask him if he can say full name three times fast.


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