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More NEO sites to check out

Posted by disappointmentzone on 21 July 2006

There are many blogs that deal with sports in Northeast Ohio. Most of them suck, and sifting through them all to find the really good ones can be too great an ordeal. So I’m going to point your eyes in the direction of a few that are above the rest.

First is God Hates Cleveland Sports. An excellent combination of irony and wit sprinkled on top a broad range of Cleveland sports stories. Come for the writing. Stay for the pink theme.

Second is Look Mom, No Hands! This promises to be an interesting read for anyone who cares about high school soccer, particularly high school soccer in NEO. It’s written by a current NEO high school soccer coach and will chronicle the trials and tribulations of his team. It’s like ESPN’s The Season, only without the sappy music.

Last is The Tribe Fanatic. The Tribe Fanatic is not afraid to express his frustration with the current iteration of the Indians.


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