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Shea, Shea go away

Posted by disappointmentzone on 20 July 2006

Toronto Blue Jay Shea Hillenbrand was designated for assignment today (in workingman venacular: he was cut) following a profanity-laced tirade. After arriving at the clubhouse prior to last night’s game Hillenbrand saw that his name wasn’t on the lineup for the second consecutive game, at which point he decided that he decided he couldn’t take it anymore. Instead of sitting with his teammates in the dugout, Hillenbrand remained in the clubhouse…where he sat in the middle of the floor and pouted. Then he took a dump in the manager’s personal toilet and refused to flush. This was after he urinated in the GM’s loafer. Ok. I made that last part up. But he did cuss out his manager and GM.

How does this relate to Cleveland sports? Well, Hillenbrand is a veteran 3B/1B/DH who is as inept defensively as Aaron Boone (actually, he’s a little more inept) but considerably more prolific offensively. Any team looking for a mid-season 3B replacement will try to sign Hillenbrand before even looking at Boone, meaning Boone’s trade value just took a major hit. The only thing working against Hillenbrand is that he appears to be a huge jackass. Then again, Aaron Boone looks like Charlie from “Lost”. That can’t be a good thing, either.


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