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So they say

Posted by disappointmentzone on 18 July 2006

According to reports slowly making their way to Cleveland from California, the Indians lost another heartbreaker last night, 10-5, to the mighty Los Angeles Angles of Some Other City. The game started after 10pm EST yesterday and didn’t finish until this morning, which is just another way of saying that the United States is impractically large. The Indians may have well be playing in Asia. Did you know the distance from London to Milan is the same as the distance from the northern edge of California to the southern? That’s a considerably large swath of Europe. The Indians have done nothing as of late to warrant anyone staying up until the next morning to watch one of their games, and last night doesn’t indicate that the Indians plan on doing anything in the immediate future to reverse the trend.

By the way, the pitcher that beat the Indians last night, Dustin Moseley, was called up just the other day to replace the younger Weaver brother in the rotation, whose start is being pushed back a couple of days. And after the game he was sent back down to AAA. That’s right, a AAA call-up just wiped the floor with the Indians.

In the meantime, the Arizona Diamondbacks have sent a scout or two to follow the Indians over the next week, tracking Jake Westbrook in particular in the hope that he might be traded to their team just in time for a late-summer playoff push. Westbrook probably knows this and after last night’s performance (3.2 innings, 12 hits, 5 runs) I’m only left to conclude that he really likes playing for the Indians and doesn’t want to get traded to Arizona.

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  1. Matt said

    Well, suck is suck.

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