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Sasha, odds, goodbye Flip

Posted by disappointmentzone on 15 July 2006

In his roundup of the various NBA summer leagues, scribe Marty Burns tags Cavs guard Sasha Pavolvic as the largest disappointment of the Las Vegas Summer League. Sasha has averaged only 11 points and three rebounds per game this summer and on Wednesday shot 1-13 from the field in 28 minutes against the mighty Hornets. Look for first round draft pick Shannon Brown to steadily increase his chances of taking over as back-up SG and for the Cavs to possibly trade Sasha this season (his rookie contract ends after this season and the Cavs will not resign him). While there might be a slight drop-off from Sasha to Shannon on the court at first, no slack will be lost in the Androgynous Name Department.

Shannon Brown immediately becomes the alternative at back-up SG because Flip Murrary is signing with the Pistons, according to reports. Murray on Friday agreed to a two-year $3.8 million to play with our rivals from the North.

Meanwhile, the Bellagio has given the Cavs 12:1 odds on winning the championship next season, the same odds as Chicago. Curiously, while adding Ben Wallace to their roster has raised Chicago’s odds of winning the championship considerably, losing Ben Wallace hasn’t decreased Detriot’s odds that much: the Pistons post at 7:1, the fifth likeliest team to win according to Vegas. The Mavs are first at 4:1, followed by the Heat and Sprus at 5:1. The Blazers are bringing up the rear at 300:1. The good money is on the Bucks at 40:1.


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