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LeBron not breaking new ground

Posted by disappointmentzone on 13 July 2006

This will likely be the last thing I write about LBJ’s new contract for the time being, but at the moment I think it’s worth pointing out that LeBron is not the first NBA superstar to sign for less on the chance that he can be paid more later. A few years ago Tim Duncan signed a contract with the Spurs similar to James’s conctract, essentially giving the team a three-year window in which to turn around the roster after David Robinson retired. The Spurs responded by taking a chance on an teenage French point guard late in the first round of the NBA draft and went on to win the NBA championship. So it worked out well for Duncan and the Spurs. Let’s hope that the story of LeBron and his new contract follows the path of Tim Duncan. And let’s remember that LeBron’s business acume, while perhaps higher than most, certainly isn’t unique. He’s the most influencal player in the NBA; he’s not the most innovative.


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