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LeBron signs with LeCavs

Posted by disappointmentzone on 8 July 2006

LeBron James agreed to sign the LeCavs five-year contract extension this afternoon. He will be a LeCav through the 2011-12 season, at which point he’ll be only 27 and a nine-year NBA veteran. That sound you hear is the collective sigh of relief from everyone who cares about basketball in northern Ohio. James didn’t say why he waited so long before he announced his decision, but in five months no one will remember that he waited a week before agreeing to the new deal, or at least no one will care.


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Posted by disappointmentzone on 8 July 2006

Using Bill James’s Pythagorean Expectation formula to estimate how many games the Indians should have won this season given how many runs they’ve scored and allowed, their record should be 47-38. Instead the Indians are 40-45 after last night’s 9-0 blowout against Baltimore, the 19th time the Indians have scored at least nine runs, the MLB record this season. The night before Eric Wedge did his best Jim Leyland, and then benched Aaron Boone, gave Ronnie Belliard fielding practice at 3B, dropped Jhonny Peralta in the lineup and moved Belliard into the three hole. The Indians responded by committing no errors and scoring nine runs on 17 hits. CC Sabathia pitched a three-hit, no-walk, seven-strikeout gem in which no batter got past first base, thanks in part to outstanding defense and Martinez throwing out a basestealer. All-Star snub Travis Hafner hit his fifth grand slam of the season, breaking the MLB record for most grand slams before the All-Star break, breaking a team record for grand slams, and putting himself within one grand slam of the all-time season record. For the season he’s 7-10 with the bases loaded. I think he has a future in baseball.

Around the league, the Blue Jays, White Sox, Athletics, and Twins all lost. With the win the Indians moved past Baltimore in the AL Wild Card standings and gained a game all the aforementioned teams. Up next is the AL West. Then Minnesota, Toronto, New York, and Chicago. It’s a long climb to the top. Just think: If the Indians were 47-38 only New York (49-35) and Chicago (56-30) would be in the way.

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