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Is Travis Hafner an All-Star?

Posted by disappointmentzone on 7 July 2006

The 2006 MLB All-Star game will be played early next week in Pittsburgh. Since the game is being played in a NL ballpark, the game will be regulated by NL rules. As a result, there will be no DH. However, two players have been selected from the AL who exclusively play DH but will be forced to play 1B in the All-Star game: Jim Thome and David Ortiz. Paul Konerko is the only regular 1B to be selected to the AL All-Star team. As the leading vote-getter for his position, David Ortiz will start the game at 1B. Not on the All-Star team is Travis Hafner, the DH for the Indians. Does Travis Hafner deserve to be on the All-Star team?

Here are this season’s statistics for Thome, Ortiz (avg/obp/slug/ops/hr/rbi):


And here are this season’s statistics for Hafner:

Hafner leads both Ortiz and Thome in all hitting statistics except home runs and RBIs. In fact, Hafner leads the league in OBP, SLUG, OBP, and OPS. He is clearly a better hitter than either Thome or Ortiz. So Hafner should be an All-Star.


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