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The streak continues

Posted by disappointmentzone on 6 July 2006

The Indians haven’t won a regular season series against the Yankees since 1992 and, after a pathetic 10-4 loss at the hand of an aging Randy Johnson, that streak is going to continue at least one more season. Rookie Frankie Gutierrez, in an effort to fit in with his teammates, decided he’d botch a simple fly ball for an error. But not to be outdone was Jhonny Peralta, he of the range of a gimpy Derek Jeter and the hustle of Manny Ramirez. Just after Gutierrez’s error Peralta let a ground ball roll under his glove. It was a tough play, though. The ground ball was perhaps three feet away from where he was standing. If he keeps this up pretty soon he’s going to start just throwing his glove at ground balls. Needless to say, I’m worried.

And if you were curious, Omar is hitting over .300 and has only two errors this season. Of course, Omar doesn’t have Jhonny’s well-groomed facial hair or his considerable girth.

In his post-game interview, manager Eric Wedge said that he was damn close to making adjustments, but he emphasized that he wasn’t singling anyone out (read: Boone, Peralta). Then he went on to make no sense. Seriously. I’m typing this as he speaks and I have no idea what he’s talking about. Something about players of different years (of experience, I think) always taking on new roles each season and even if some players are older it’s the same for everyone. Or something.

It’s almost hard to believe we aren’t in first place.

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